9 of the Essential Travel Apps for smart traveler

besttravelapps“Best Travel apps” for smart travelers.

Travel has changed a lot over the decades, and even across years the tide of normality on the toad is quite different. In the span of a few years, Travel apps and the ability to instantly share photos to social media is the norm.

Like the preceding, you can negotiate most practical tasks from the comfort of your smartphone, thanks to the wonderful world travel of apps. In today’s burgeoning market of hi-tech innovation, these tools aren’t merely useful – they’re also slick, beautifully designed and fulfil a purpose you didn’t eve realise could be negotiated via smartphone and tablets.


The apps below are very useful

when you go anywhere in the world.

travel apps

9 of the best travel app by serentrip.


1. Skyscanner


▶  Free
▶  iOS, Android

Skyscanner is a booking app for flights, hotels and car hire. The Skyscanner apps calling card has always been easy customisation. allowing you to adjust your trip using flight duration, airline, stop-overs, flight class, and arrival and departure times. it even has a color-coded calendar that shows you when the best time to book your trip is to get the best deal. 



2. Tripit 


▶  Free
▶  iOS, Android

Tripit is a travel itinerary apps that makes it easy to see your whole trip in one place. You simply forward all of your booking e-mails to Triplt and the app collates all of your information. The in formation is available offline so you don’t have to worry about roaming charges.

What’s more, Tripit works with App in the Air and packpoint. So you can get flight notifications and packing advice based on your travel itinerary. There are two types, one of them is the free version. It does include all the basics you need like manual changing of plans, syncing with your calendar, compiling travel documents in one place, and sharing of your itinerary.



3. Packpoint


▶  Free
▶  iOS, Android

‘PackPoint’ hepls you pack. You put in where you’re going, When you’re going, and what you plan to do there and PackPoint suggests a list of things to pack. you can add or remove things from the list, then tick them off once they are packed.

It works with Tripit (Mentioned above)too, so you can get suggestions based on your travel itinerary automatically migrated from that app. Never have that ‘Did I pack my…’ Feeling again.



4. Serentrip 

travelapps_find travel buddy_serentrip copy.PNG

▶  Free
▶  iOS, Android

After you finish making your itinerary and reserving every flight, accommodations, You have to get a real information and travel buddies. Especially,  if you are solo travelers, ‘Serentrip’ is perfect app for you. It enables to find a travel buddy with whom you can enjoy the trip.

It’s easy, fun and safety. You just log in via Facebook.  After logging in, you can according to your travel dates, destinations and travel plans. Than You will receive a list of travelers who has similar travel itinerary in time. If you find a travel buddies and want to meet that traveler, Join travel chat and talk with him or her! Thus, you can check others profile written by themselves in chatting room : such as Facebook / Instagram / website etc.  You also can find Not only travelers but also residents. You know, local friends will be helpful for your trip. 

Thus, you can read other traveler’s travel story, or can upload your travel story in app.


5. Expedia 



▶  Free
▶  iOS, Android

For booking both hotels and flights, Expedia is a good app. It’s nicely designed though sometimes there’s a little too much information to take in at once and it offers some exclusive deals that might be right up your vacation street. Many travelers use sites such as Expedia to research room rates, amenities, quality, and to ultimately book a hotel close to their destination. Also, This app clues users into exclusive discounts on last-minute bookings, It also lets you search for activities worldwide. Expedia tops our Best Free Apps list.



6. TripAdvisor 


▶  Free
▶  iOS, Android

TripAdvisor is your crowd-sourced guide to hotels, restaurants and attractions worldwide. This allows you to browse through millions of reviews, images and videos featuring various establishment ; explore restaurants by food type, a price range or rating; check out air fares ; and even add to the knowledge base by posting your own reviews, images and entries for the places you visit. If you’re using iOS10, TripAdvisor has added a handy widget for your phone’s lock screen that calls out nearby points of interest.



7.  Google Map 


▶  Free
▶  iOS, Android

Google Maps is widely-regarded as one of the best navigation apps around, and it has reigned king for quite while. You’ll find it fairly reliable in offering up local public transportation options in many countries, and you can also download specific areas for offline use. You can also use Maps to look at when places like museums or restaurants close, and as of a recent update, you can check to see how busy a place is in real time. 



8. Time Out 


▶  Free
▶  iOS, Android

‘Time Out’ is an app that helps you figure out what to do in a city. With restaurants, art galleries, Night clubs, and pretty much everything in between this app is hard to beat if you’re in a strange city at a loss for something to do.

Even, It has been helping people discover hidden gems since the 1960’s so it knows what it’s doing. once a magazine that focused on your destination. (The app now covers 30 cities worldwide, with more being added soon.)



9. Duolingo 


▶  Free
▶  iOS, Android

If you’re not happy letting an app do your translating for you, you may want to give Duolingo a try. It’s a language learning app that makes learning a new language easy and fun. If you want to be able to converse with the locals, there are few ways of learning that will get you there as easily as Duolingo. The simple interface and game feel of the app makes learning a new language a pleasure.

The list of languages that Duolingo offers is constantly expanding. Currently you can choose from 23, including Spanish, German, Swahili and Vietnamese.


I introduced 9 of the useful travel apps including itinerary apps, Travel buddy apps, Reservation apps and so on… I can make book on if you have this 9 travel apps you can go anywhere in the world with great pleasure.

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