[UK Travel Tip’s] Best Travel Tips you must know before visiting London


London is one of those cities that is constantly changing with new and exciting things sprouting up almost everyday! This is all well and good but it sure can make a visit to our capital city pretty hectic, especially if you’re trying to plan, book and see all the things you want in a short period of time. London is a fast paced city. (not as fast as NYC, but definitely up there) Yes, London is one city you must visit.


I think you already know this, UK is considered as one of the expensive cities in the world, but if you refer to UK travel tip’s below, it doesn’t have to be.


1. Get an Oyster Card


London’s subway system, aka “The Tube”, is an extremely effective way (both in time and money) to get around town. To take the tube, you’re going to need an Oyster Card, which you can purchase at the airport kiosk or any tube station around the city. Put as much money as you think you might need for your stay and “top off” (refill your card) if you run out. It’s a basic UK travel tip’s!

If you’re flying into Heathrow, I recommend getting your Oyster Card right at the airport and taking the Piccadilly Line from the airport into the closest station to your hotel. Trust me when I say you will save A SH*T TON of money by doing this because cabs in London are freaking expensive. It might take a little planning ahead on Google Maps to figure out where your closest stop is, but it is so worth it when you’re only paying a few pounds for travel instead of 60+ pounds just to get into the city.


2. Get the London Pass


If you’re a museum nut, invest in the London Pass. This tourist card will set you back £79, but it is good for two days and grants you access to 32 attractions and free public transportation.

It includes many of the London highlights, such as Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Britain at War Museum. If you do a lot of indoor sightseeing, individual museum tickets can add

Save money by getting a London Pass for your first one to two days in the city. If you want to hit the big leagues, you can also do it inexpensively: Buckingham Palace is just £11, the art deco Eltham Palace is £6, and John Keats’ home is £3.


3. Join Free Walking Tours


Take a free walking tour—both Sandemans and Undiscovered London offer free tours of the city. Though the guides are not professional, they are local and are usually enthusiastic students and volunteers who love taking travelers on a trek through their city.

This is a terrific introduction to the highlights in town, and it is often coupled with a few anecdotes and hidden spots from your guides. Remember to tip them afterward!


4. Get Acquainted With the city by doing the HOP-ON HOP-OFF Bus Tour.


Honestly the hop-on hop-off bus tours are one of the best ways to get acquainted with any new city you’re visiting. Truth be told, I actually do them all the time and I freaking LOVE them. They allow you to get a better understanding of where everything is located, and it’s guaranteed transportation around the city. The hop-on hop-off bus tours in London often come with a “free” river cruise, a couple of walking tours, and the ability to use the pass for 2 days. It’s pretty worth it for packtripper!!

**If you really want to have an ultimate tourist experience, I’d consider getting the London Pass to grant you access into many of the attractions around town. You’ll end up saving money on entrance fees and saving time on waiting in the lines.


5. Museums and art galleries are FREE

find a travel buddy_serentrip

Fortunately , There are a lot of free tourist attractions in London.  Don’t forget that the likes of the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, The British Museum and many more are free for anyone to visit. Spend a day wandering through the many historical artefacts and enjoy the rich heritage the city has to offer. Obviously, donations are welcome, though in no way obligatory.

UK Free travel tip’s “20 of Free attraction list” 

  1. National Gallery
  2. British Museum
  3. Houses of Parliament
  4. Tate Modern,
  5. Greenwich Park,
  6. East London street art,
  7. Borough Market,
  8. Museum of London,
  9. Kensington Gardens,
  10. Kensington Gardens,
  11. National Portrait Gallery,
  12. Natural History Museum,
  13. Natural History Museum,
  14. Sky Garden,
  15. St Paul’s Church,
  16. Portobello Road Market,
  17. Science Museum,
  18. Sir John Soane’s Museum,
  19. Temple Church,
  20. Wallace Collection



As I told before, London, UK is a wonderful place to visit. Thus, It’s quit big and there are many of great places. Now, I will give you some tip’s how to explore London pleasantly!

1. Avoid Oxford Street on Saturday.


Oxford Street is a major road in the City of Westminster in the West End of London,  A weekend shopping on Oxford Street can be something of a stressful ordeal as these streets are heaving on Saturdays and Sundays. There can sometime be literally no space on the pavements and even the tube closes due to crowd control. If you’re geared up to shop, think about heading over to Oxford Street around mid-morning, and preferably on a weekday. Crowds are much lower and you can easily peruse the shops at your own pace.


2. Visit London’s Food Markets.


United Kingdom is quit famous about unappetizing fare. It’s a stereotype.  There’s so many amazing food markets to visit in London that it can actually be difficult to whittle them down to a mere few to visit. One of my favorite has to be Borough Market, head here around lunch time for a quick bite to eat and a little treat from one of the many dessert stalls! If you’re looking to visit many more of London’s best street-food markets.


3. In the night time, visit Unique Bars in Shoreditch, London.

serentrip_london night

UK is exiting city 24 hours. I will give UK travel tip’s at the night. Here Shoreditch is one of London’s trendiest neighbourhoods. Filled with an array of amazing bars, secret hangouts and hidden clubs, this place is the perfect place to visit for a night out. Take a wander and discover this unique bars that are often hidden from view… or even need a password to gain entry!


4. Notting Hill has lots of delicious restaurants.

notting hill serentrip find travel buddy.jpg

Often overlooked for the more adventurous/exciting East End,unless its to experience the carnival, this area of London has become one of the best places to discover some of London’s best restaurants, serving up some hearty grub! Take a wander around brunch and settle for something local, organic or absolutely totally different. This area has it all!


5. Camden Town is Unique area of London to explore.


Camden Town is one of the very best neighbourhoods in London to explore! Head here to discover the amazing street markets, offering everything from Ethiopian food, Moroccan leather to Pan-Asian cuisine. The whole vibe of the area is electric with an alternative counter-culture that is bursting at the seams with excitement!


6. Take an umbrella

london, serentrip travelbuddy

London weather is notoriously unpredictable. Don’t forget to pack an umbrella (or a raincoat) and stay dry when those infamous showers begin to fall! At the very least, check the weather forecast on the BBC before you leave the house every day.

7. Londoners look cold and grump, but we’re all really friendly.


Honestly, Londoners might look a little cold or quiet whilst squished against you on a packed tube but I guarantee that Londoners are absolutely amazing people! I’ve no doubt you’ll make lots of friends and meet loads of new people that will have a good old natter with you at almost any London bar so don’t let anything stop your from making new friends when you’re in London town. If you want to travel with Londoners Use this app. You can make a local friends using smartphone in time!
1) Serentrip – find your travel buddy 2) Meet up  3) Friends in need

8. Go to these Places for Unique London Views.

The Roof Gardens is a bar located in Kensington where you get to view London from a unique angle whilst sipping on a cold Martini. It’s not the cheapest place ever but worth it if you want to relax somewhere sophisticated whilst watching the sunset.


Primrose Hill is located over near Regent’s Park and is one of the most popular spots in London during the summer to chill out with friends in the late afternoon with views across the London skyline.


9. Order a Fry Up – A Traditional English Breakfast


The British love their full English Breakfast’s and you can find some of the very best in London.

Usually consisting of fried eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding, hash-browns, baked beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato and toast, breakfast is likely to become your favourite meal of the day.


If you want more UK Travel Tip’s or need a help, click here and send message Thank you.

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