5 Essential Travel apps for who have planning to KOREA

1. Naver Map


Naver is the Korea’s version of Google and NaverMap is especially useful if you’re looking for a specific shop. Since shops in Korea have a high turnover rate, it helps to check on Naver Map before you head out looking for a shop that has already closed.

Similar to Google MapsNaverMap has an upside-down teardrop shape that’s marked to wherever you wish to go and also a street view to ensure you’re on the right track. The downside? It’s in Korean. Now before you start wailing at what poor recommendation this is, take note that you’ll probably have a better chance of getting to your destination with NaverMap because their Google Maps might not be as updated — Koreans have literally no idea how Google Maps work.

2. Serentrip


Serentrip is for traveler who want to meet travel buddy or local friends on real time! The app finds a travel buddy for you according to your travel dates, destinations, and travel plans. Without revealing any personal information, the user can talk to each other and when you decide to join that person just hit the ‘Join Chat’ option and you will be able to check out the profile of your travel buddy on social media.

Also, there are some funny functions, you can mark world map where you visited and record your travel story on app, share that with your friends or other user! The surprising thing, It’s all free. (Download Here – http://serentrip.net/korea)

Nice Korean & Traveler waiting for you on serentrip app!! join US! 

3. Myrealtrip

serentrip, myrealtrip

My Real Trip is a Korea-based startup that connects travelers with local travel guides or destination experts. Unlike the typical packages major travel agencies offer in Korea, My Real Trip provides niche tours guided by the Koreans who are local residents in the foreign country. Also you can get information about Korea travel and book some tickets on real time.

4. Dailyhotel

serentrip dailyhotel

DailyHotel woos luxury hotels by promising to fill surplus rooms. Its says its biggest partners in Seoul, which include Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, and Intercontinental Seoul Coex, each get over 120 rooms booked through the app every weekend. The DailyHotel app usually has more than 3,000 rooms available at a time, many at a 70 to 80 percent discount.

5. Visit Korea

serentrip visit korea.png

VisitKorea is a smart phone app created by the Korea Tourism Organization and provides users with useful and timely travel and tourism information about Korea. The brand new VisitKorea is equipped with new functions, a more user-friendly interface, and much more useful information. This newly designed app makes traveling Korea more convenient and offers you the opportunity to experience Korea more in-depth!

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