Best K-drama locations in Korea you should Visit.

Do you know Hanllyu? It means Korean wave that is the increase in global popularity of South Korean culture. Especailly, K-drama and K-pop is very popular all over the world.

So, I will introduce 5 K-drama filning sites you must visit, if you are a hardcore K-drama enthusiast!! Check what’s you saw and Where you wanna go!

1. Wolmido Island, Incheon

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Remember the first few scenes of the drama ‘Descendants of the Sun (DOTS)’ where Captain Yoo sI-Jin(Song Joong-Ki) and Sergeant Major Seo Dae-Young(Jin Goo) played in a shooting range and won the Iconic DOTS soft toys? The shooting range is actually a part of an amusement park in Wolmido Island, Incheon.

How to get to Wolmido Island : Take Seoul Subway Line 1 to Incheon Station and exit at Exit 1. Proceed to take bus number 2 and get off at Wolmido Island bus stop.


2. Daepohang Port Light House, Sokcho

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This adorable scene where Ahn Mon Hyuk(Park Hyung-Sik) and Do Bong Soon(Park Bo-Young) from the drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ went for a date at the beach side with the bright red lighthouse in the background? It’s located in Sokcho, a coastal city where Seoraksan mountain is also located. Hit two birds with on stone and travel to Sokcho to witness Korea’s iconic mountain and where the two lovebirds had first date at.

How to get to Daepohang Port Light House : Take an intercity bus from Seoul Express Buss Terminal to Sokcho for approximately three hours and take bus no1,3,5,7 or 9 from across Sokcho Express Bus Terminal. After a short to three minutes ride, alight at Daepohang Port.


3. Jumunjin Beach, Gangneung

serentrip goblinGangneung is another coastal city located near Sokcho, and is the filming site of Gong Yoo’s recent K-drama. The iconic scene of ‘Goblin: The Lonely and Great God’ where Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go-Eun) first summoned Kim Shin(Gong Yoo) was filmed in Jumunjin Beach, Gangneung. While taking photos in the iconic place, don’t forget to try Gangneung’s fresh seafood and have some coffee at the coffee street in Anmok beach, located just down the coastline from Jumunjin Beach.

How to get to Jumunjin Beach : Take an intercity bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal and take bus no.302 or 315 to Jumujin Beach.


4. E-World, Daegu

serentrip daegu kdramaserentrip eworldE-world was featured in another famous dating scene, this time from ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’. This amusement park in Daegu city was where they went for a date with their friends tagging along, and also where the two held hands for the first time in the drama.

Remember ti visit Daeugu’s icon, E-world’s 83 Tower, While you are there to get a breathtaking 360 panoramic view of the city.

How to get to E-Wolrd : Take Daegu Subway Line2 to Duryu Station. Take exit 15 and walk for around 5 mimutes to E-World.


5. Jangsado Sea Park, Geoje

jangsado, serentrip travelbuddyjangsado, serentrip

Jangsado is amazing places, that why many drama take date Scene in here. This island is actually Jangsado Sea Park Which can be reached using a short ferry ride from Geoje city. Jangsado Sea Park is also known to be the place to see winter blooms of Camellia flowers, hence the best time to visit this park is actually in December or January. A 10,000KRW fee is chargeable for admission to this park.

If you have some time in Geoje,  take a ferry from the same port that you use to go to Jangsado Sea Park to see Oedo Island Oedo island is home to popular botanical garden with an impressive collection of flowers and sculptures.

How to get to Jangsado Sea Park : Find Geoje Children Hospital located near the intercity bus terminal and take bus no.52 from Geoje Children Hospital bus stop and alight at Gabae bus stop. Walk to Jangsado Ferry Terminal and take a short ferry ride to the park.



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