[Bit-na’s Bali Travel Story] Bali Surfing camp and Sunset Tip!

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Hello, I’m Bit-Na live in Bali now. I’ve been surfing, eating and drinking in here for the past 2 month. I really love Bali, Indonesia.

I love surfing so I moved here and I really want to introduce for you Sunset of Bali! Now, I will show you my Bali life and Sunset!!!



# With day-to-day routine and relaxing sea


# Bali Surfing life


Surfing is good, Love sea and freedom.

Also good to nature, it seems to me Bali is a paradise of Bali.


#Daily Bali Life


Bali is not just the absolute number of ordinary overlooked the alley

next to the auto club. Here, Only the feeling of fullness.


#Bali Life PM 6:56 In Kuta Beach Best Sunset


This is no filter, only just Phone Camera. I saw amazing this.

Kuta Beach Best Sunset with Bintang.

This is amazing time to enjoy your life. Thanks Bali and my life!!!


[ 3 Best Spot in Bali for Sunset ]

Bali travel tip, how to meet  amazing Bali’s sunset.

# Kuta Beach 

 # Seminyak Beach 

# Echo Beach 


#Potato head beach club


Here is Potato head  beach club! Can you believe this view? 

This beach club is located in  # Seminyak Beach ! You must visit here.


# Bali, Indonesia Surfing


It’s my favorite surfing pictures. After read my travel story, if you become interested in Bali, Please visit my travel Story in Serentrip app. (http://serentrip.net/trip/103035)

If you love Surfing, You must visit Bali. and If you are not interested in Surfing, you also must visit Bali to see amazing sunset.

Even alone, don’t worry!

You can meet travel mate and local friends using ” Serentrip app” . I also find my surfing buddies using this app and maybe you can meet here using this!


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