female travel buddy, travel mate

Top 5 Apps for Female Traveler

Technology plays a part in our daily lives, and especially while you’re traveling. From booking flights and accommodation, to checking the weather, to using a calculator and converting currency.

Now, apps on the market can help travelers in so many other ways. Want to find the perfect female travel partner? Need to find a bathroom in a foreign city ASAP? It’s all covered.

I’ve compiled my favorite apps for female travel that you should try on your next trip!

1. Serentrip – Travel buddy & Locals (Free on iOS, Android)

female travel buddy, travel mate

find travel mate, travel buddy, locals using ‘ Serentrip app ‘

Serentrip – Travel buddy & Locals is a app for traveler that connects fellow travelers or Local friends wherever they are around the globe in time. Simply enter your trip and discover a travel companion with mutual interests and trip plans. You can start to chat, plan your trip together and voila! You’re on the road with a new friend, possibly one you’ll have made for life.

It’s not a dating app–the emphasis is on friendship. Also, you can accept only women in your chat room. It can be hard to find a travel partner (tripper or the locals) that has the means, the free time, the interests and the destination in sync with your own. Serentrip will be give you matching traveler list by connecting you with like-minded travelers, and they screen each and every new user so that your safety comes first.

It’s very popular to 20’s~30’s female traveler. They said app design is simple and pretty. Plus, Easily and safely find and meet women travel mate using Serentrip app. 

Traveling with a partner can put your mind at ease in ways that traveling solo sometimes doesn’t quite cut. Sometimes you just want to relax with a partner or a group.

As rewarding as traveling alone can be, one of the unquestionable delights in travel is meeting new people from all over the world. They can connect you with experiences or introduce you to new ideas and opinions that you’d normally not.

Are you an adventurous type who likes to scale mountains? Or do you prefer an afternoon exploring archaeological museums? Serentrip will put you in touch with someone who shares the same travel goals as you.


2. Sit or Squat (Free on iOS and Android)

female travel mate

Even when you’re on a romantic stroll through the charming streets of Paris, Nature still calls. There are few things worse than wandering around an unfamiliar city holding it in… So, save your bladder with Sit or Squat, a free app that lists 95,000 bathrooms worldwide!

Users rate their experiences with a Sit (thumbs up) or Squat (so-so) and can even upload their photos to give other travelers a hint as to bathroom quality. Map the locations with an interactive, location-based map. You can filter by cost, handicap accessible, rating and even a baby changing table.


3. Safety Map Worldwide (Free on iOS)

female traveler meet travel buddy

Safety Map Worldwide features maps around the world that will recommend the safest routes, advise you on the best district to travel or stay in, and guide you away from high-crime areas.

Sometimes when your traveling, you don’t always know exactly the best place to stay in a new city- this will solve your problems. You can document your experiences in safe (hopefully not unsafe) areas to help other travelers navigate as well!


4. myPill (Free on iOS and Android)

female travel buddy.jpg

Remember to take your birth control can be hard enough at home in your normal routine, so traveling across time zones can completely mess up your schedule. Plus its hard to remember the small things when there is a cobblestone street calling your name, right?

The myPill app contains a daily tracker, a snooze function, a planner to remind you to call your doctor or renew a prescription, and more! A great alternative is Clue – an app that tracks your menstrual cycle, and offers reminders before your next period.


5. Bungee girl (Free on iOS and Android)

serentrip travel companion.jpg

Instead of just connecting you with a stranger’s couch, Bungee Girl introduces you to other like-minded, travel-loving women who are in a similar position as you. We’re building a supportive network of women who can connect and get the right tools to enhance their travel experience.

Whether you’ve always preferred to travel solo or are thinking about trying it for the first time, our app can help enhance your trip experience. Embrace new people and places. Join a supportive and empowering network of women nomads!

By women, for women. Why should you settle for cliche trips? Why should you wait on family and friends to have the money or time to travel with you? Why should you be held back from taking life-changing epic adventures? Bungee Girl is determined to make travel for women safer and more accessible!


Serentrip – Travel buddy & Locals

▶ Meet traveller and the locals with Serentrip!
Are you planning to travel?
Serentrip can find someone to travel with, having similar Itinerary with you.
It’s also possible to find someone living there : the locals!
Or you can meet travelers coming your hometown when you’re at home.

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