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[Ju -Hee’s Seoul Travel Blog ] Looking for Travel mate & Locals in Seoul.


serentrip travel buddy

[ Ju – Hee ]

▶ Meet & Travel Mate (the locals & Tripper) in Seoul, South Korea

From Seoul / traveler / Live in Seoul Now

Hello, I’m Ju-Hee from South Korea. I love traveling and meet travel mates during my trip. I has traveled Philippines. Japan, Taiwan, France, Switzerland, Italy and so on.  . But my favorite country is of course KOREA. I really like domestic travel. Actually, Korea is not too big like America, China. That’s why, I prefer Korea travel. I can go everywhere on the weekend in KOREA.

Also I’m going to Canada next year. So, I’d like to meet Canadian traveler who visit Seoul, South Korea before I’ll going to travel. Make international relationship together, here and exchange our experience!


To day I will introduce my Seoul Trip with  foreigners who traveling Korea. I met them using Serentrip – travel buddy & Locals app 


meet korean friends

Korea Travel 

#1. In Han-Ok village

It has been a ‘proper autumn’ Han-Ok is especially graceful at this time of the year.


Korean travel buddies

# 2. Hanbok (Korea traditional cloth) Rental Experience

The street becomes tinged with red leaves make this even more beautiful in autumn. Han-Bok is very beautiful. if you are traveling Korea, You have to try this!


[Korea Travel Tip’s]

‘Korea Traditional clothes is quit comfortable even elegant!

Price line is very wide, but it’s start from 10,000원 ( US $10 ) an hour.

if you want to know where you can rent han-bok, ask her as joining chatting room below.

→ Korea Travel Chatting Room



trip to kore

# 3. Seoul traditional Cafe Tour

Do you know, there are a lot of cafe in Korea. Particularly,  you can enjoy Korean traditional tea or desert with coffee around Gyeongbok Palace.


Hanok villages, Seoul free travel guide

# 4. Han-Ok village with Han-Bok

Han-Ok village is the best place enjoy South Korea. you can go there by  public transportation. Also I’d like to recommend Ikson-dong. 

Ikson-dong is hip place nowadays,

So 20’s Koean hang out there. there is quite traditional and Cool.


korean travel guide

# 5. Street next to the palace of memorise.

This place exactly reproduces the streets of Seoul in the 60′s.


korea seoul travel mate

# 6. In front of 60’s Cartoon store in Korea

In here, You can try Uniform of Korea student’s. You have to do that.

Make unforgettable experience whit your local friends or travel companions.


serentrip travel buddy

# 7. Beautiful Korea Palace ‘Gyeongbok Palace’

How wonderful place! If you wear Han-bok, you don’t have to pay enter fee.

If you wonder this, refer to here.


travel patner in korea


# 7. In front of Gyeonghoeru.

Sometime you can see night view in here.
It also really amazing. Do you wanna go with me?
I can show you, traditional Korean place in Seoul.
I hope we meet together in Seoul or your hometown.
If we meet in Seoul, I will guide for you,
On the other hand you will guide for me! 
Do you have any plan to visit Korea? Then , Join me!



Serentrip – Travel buddy & Locals 
Korean Free Guide wait for you in Seoul. Join !
MEET  and HANG OUT together!  

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