Female traveler

7 Tips for Female Travelers in Bali, Indonesia!!

Female traveler

Hi, I’m Jessie from Serentrip – Travel buddy & Locals. I’d like to tell you How you travel Bali as a female traveler! I visited 5 times in Bali alone, and get a lot of wisdom.

Bali has become incredibly popular for solo female travellers to visit after the success of Eat, Pray, Love – Brooke Ferguson gives some practical tips on what to expect on the Island Of the Gods.  I had been curious before, but her description of the country led me to believe that it was something to be experienced in real life, not just through a book. So, like droves of others, I took off to explore this distant land and came away with some tips that I’d like to share with you here.



  • Bali Transport.

    Don’t take the taxis waiting at the Airport – they are a total and absolute rip off! Instead, go just outside of where all of the taxis are lined up, and into the parking lot. Look for the light blue taxis that are “Blue Bird” taxis. They will charge you by the meter, and not take all of your money! You can also call them for reservations, schedule pick ups from the airport, or find general info here: Bluebird Taxis (official site).


  • Making Reservations

Depending on the season, it may be better NOT to book your hotel in advance. Many of the online hotels can be deceiving about their proximity (and quality!!). I found it better to go to the area you want to be, check out what is near by, look at the rooms, check the internet connection, and barter for a price. You can usually get a much better deal in person than you can with online reservations! If you want to check availability and prices for Bali hotels, see Booking.com – read the reviews from previous guests carefully.

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  • Money

Barter, Barter, Barter!
Bali is definitely a place where you need to barter. Unlike other countries where the locals seem willing to ask just a bit more than the real price, Balinese are apt to ask you several times the price for clothes and merchandise. Rule of thumb: if you are in a marketplace, you can barter them down. Store prices are more difficult, but can be done. When you’ve offered a fair price, and they say no, Walk Away! Usually, they will come running after you and let you have your offer. It is all part of the game, so go with it, and get your barter on!

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  • Beaches You’ll Love

Bali Beaches near Denpasar Airport are Sanur Beach and Kuta Beach. Sanur seems more for the vacationers, where Kuta has a lively backpacker scene. Further up north there are deserted stretches of black volcanic sand beaches, like Pemuteran. Many people just travel to Bali for the beaches, and if you are feeling adventurous, try checking out the Gili Islands or Komodo island, home of the infamous Komodo Dragons. Those are on my list for my next trip, for sure!

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  • Meet travel companion or Local friends!


female traveler

Bali travel with travel buddy

  • Bali, Indonesia is traveler’s paradise. So don’t worry even you are solo traveler! Even, if you are travel yourself, it’s really great chance to make amazing memorize. In my case, I made a lot of travel buddy from Japan, South Korea, France, United Kingdom, USA, Australia…all over the world during travel Bali. Also, I met nice Local friends. They are really kind. They always care for me like family each time I go. How I meet them? Of course, ” Serentrip – travel buddy & locals ” app!  

    Just enter my plan and chat with other traveler, after make appointment I met them in Bali! How wonderful!!


  • What to Eat

    bail's traditional food

Traditional Balinese foods are similar to most Asian dishes, consisting primarily of rice or noodle dishes. The meat dishes are wonderful marinated barbeques complimented by small salads or portions of pickled vegetables. I did not have any problems eating the traditional food, and found that while it was well flavored, it was not spicy. Be sure to try the sates (marinated bbq meat), lawar (mixed chopped vegetables and spices), and lampet (snack served wrapped in banana leaves). The soups are also wonderful, so make sure to try them too! I usually go to local restaurant with my local friends. There are a lot of advantages. First, really  delicious, yes better then others for traveler!! Second, I can it great food for reasonable price. daylight robbery is pretty common things to traveler. but Don’t worry with you local friends! They give good food with cheap price.


  • Places to Pray

    Bali travel buddy

One of the most exciting parts about Bali is that there are temples literally EVERYWHERE. You can go in to them, take a look, and be a part of the music and festivities. However, it is recommended that you wear proper attire. Women should have on sleeved shirts and covered legs. Men are fine with standard sleeved shirts and shorts are acceptable. Most temples will provide wraps, or there are women selling sarongs outside for you to go in.

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