How to make / meet Korean friends ?

Do you like K-drama like ‘my love from the star’, Goblin, Descendants of the sun and so on?  Or Are you interested in K-pop signer? Exo, BTS, TWICE, BlackPink, BigBang and etc? If or not, How about K-cultures, Traveling Korea?

If any of these are you, This posting will be suitable for you! if you have big interest of Korea, you need to Korean friends. Then you can get real story and get quick and accurate news directly. Furthermore, If you want to visit Korea, Korean Local friends will be a great help!

Today, I’d like to tell you, How to make or meet KOREAN FRIENDS

1. Go to University!

how to meet korean friends

Are you students? Then, How about going University, you can go Korean Language Institute in Korea even you are not an international university. There are a lot of program. For example, 1 week course, 2 weeks course, 1 month, 4 month course and so on. Basically, Korean Language school teach Hangul… plus, some of Korean Language school matched Korean friends for you. Sometime you can join international program in there.

You can meet 20’s Korean and will be hanging out with them outside.


2. Use App! 

female travel buddy, travel mate

find travel mate, travel buddy, locals

I think this is best way for people who can’t stay Korea for a long time. And Who don’t want to drop a lot of cash. There are a lot of app for making Korean friends. But, If you don’t want to dating… Serentrip – Travel buddy & Locals are perfect app!

You can meet and chat Korean local friends just register your destination or city where you live and data when you want to meet Korean friends. Then, Serentrip will find your Korean friends in time. After getting matching list, try chat with them on Serentrip app and make appointment.

One of advantage of  Serentrip is that you can share your experience with others like Social Network Service!

Read a user review! 

More information, Click here! 


3. Join Facebook Group! 

How to make Korean buddy2

There are a lot of group, can learn Korean Languages. Representatively, Korean language learning Group and Learning Korean Language Group. But, Most of members are not Korean. Few of Korean help people who studying Korean languages. But I recommend this for you. If you don’t want to meet Korean Local friends or you don’t feel like chatting with someone.

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