Travel Packing List for Female Traveler

Female Packing List

Hi, I’m Christian, Travel buddy in Norway. (You can read my travel profile here.) I’m a women traveler so I’d like to sharing with you about my concern that is my one of problem. That is Packing List! This female travel packing list has been created after a 17-month travel trip around the Americas and Europe. Through a lot of experiences I made a perfect packing list. So Today I will show you all that with you guys!

travel companion, Local friend

This is now the fourth edition of my travel packing list, I’ve whittled down my original oversized travel wardrobe and I now think I’ve nailed it! I’ve backpacked around extremely hot countries, very rainy climates, freezing snow for skiing, and cities with a nip in the air (check out our long-term travel itinerary for some travel inspiration).


Long – Term Travel Backpack for female traveler 

Ask your Local friends how do you wear.

Before you start purchasing your sunnies and sandals, it’s probably wise to think about where you are going to put them! I backpack with an 80-litre Vango backpack which has an additional 20-litre day bag. This rucksack is ideal because it opens up like a suitcase which makes access to clothes much easier. Try getting something out of the ‘old style’ top access backpacks while nine other people doze off in a dorm, this is how to not make friends while travelling! Respect the hostel dorm etiquette. Full review of the Vango rucksack coming soon.

While on the move, I usually have a cloth totes bag with my electronics in it for easy access on buses / planes / trains. I do carry a safe net with me, it is made by PacSafe and has protected my belongings well – I was not robbed while travelling! In accommodation, I put my day bag into the net and secure it around a radiator or bed frame then close it with a padlock. I then cover with a coat etc.

How to Pack for Long Term Travel

I will have a more detailed post on how to pack for long term travel which will take you through my successful packing technique but in short, my best tip is to roll your clothes, as opposed to fold. This creates more space and fewer wrinkles. Pack similar clothes in separate bags.

Packing Cubes and Alternatives

Many travellers use packing cubes to organise their clothes. Some packing cubes have a vacuum technique which squishes your clothes down to nothing, this saves lots of room but causes wrinkles (there are no irons on the road!)

I have not invested in cubes because I found large sandwich bag type bags in an army store for super cheap. I separate my tops and bottoms and pack away in these bags. I also carry cute makeup bags from Primark (low-cost European shop, similar to Forever 21 but cheaper) which I pack my underwear and swimwear into (see contents of my backpack in image below). I read that Primark packing cubes now exist so may be worth a dig for future trips.

Long Term Female Travel Packing List

Please factor into your budget that it is highly likely that you will replenish some of your long term female travel packing list at some point. Washing machines and launderettes in the likes of Vietnam, Peru, etc are pretty harsh on your clothes ruining those travel essentials for women. White clothing quickly becomes gross yellow colour! Suntan lotion, curry, alcohol stains can’t always be avoided (if it was a good night!) Things get stolen, yes, annoying but opportunists carry a backpack too.

Especially, The weather is one of important things for you. I know, Google will tell you but you know it’s not accurate. Ask you Local friends in Here ‘Serentrip – travel buddy & Locals’ app! There are 5,000,000 local friends waiting for you!

Also, you can ask own cultures to Local friend in Serentrip app!


Travel Tops

Overhead view of suitcase being packed for vacation

Tops – this is where packing starts to get difficult for me because although I am practical, I still like to look nice.

  • 3 x day vest tops (mixed colours)
  • 1 x night vest top
  • 1 x hoody (ditched when reached warmer climates)
  • 1 x thin jersey
  • 2 x cardigans (1 x black / 1 x yellow)
  • 1 x fold-away raincoat, the Marmot PreCip – love – definitely one to add to your packing sheet, perfect for the backpacking Europe packing list females, and menfolk! It goes everywhere with me from dog walking up Munros (Scottish mountains) to hiking through rainforests.


Don’t Skirt Around – Dresses

female trip

I love dresses! If you choose the right type of material (avoid denim and wool), they roll down very small. Perfect for hot days, party nights, and Instagram photos! Also ideal for a road trip packing list since they are so versatile.

  • 1 x fancy summer dress (black)
  • 1 x black wrap – around (LBD for travel, top tip for female packing list South America, samba in style)
  • 1 x yellow (my favourite colour)
  • 1x playsuit (navy)

Tip: I tend to avoid patterns – easier to dress up, dress down, to keep looking new.


Travel Trousers / Bottoms

Travel packing list

I’m not the biggest fan of trousers or shorts. My dumpy 5’2 1/2 body does not look good in denim shorts, praise be to the chicas who can rock that look. For those who do look cool in hot pants, you could replace some items in the bottoms list.

  • 1 x black culottes (4 years old, love them)
  • 1 x khaki shorts (hiking)
  • 1 x plain skirt
  • 1 x denim skirt (probably don’t need this as heavy but I like it)
  • 1 x black long gym trousers (doubles up as disco pants)
  • 1 x waterproofs (thin / light, pull on top of gym trousers for hikes and skiing)

My friend Laura has a great review on travel pants (trousers to us Brits!), they actually look nice!


Mosquitos. The little horrors love me! All guides tell you to wear light, floaty clothes but that look is just not me so I compromise with wearing the disco pants after dusk in areas which are very prone to them. Take malaria tablets in malaria zones and be wary of Zika, especially if trying to get pregnant. We did carry mosquito nets by Lifesystems for the first year but did not use them, definitely times where we should have. Check if the countries you are visiting have a malaria warning. For the first year we used mosquito repellent with DEET called OFF but then decided that since it was making no difference we’d use a DEET free alternative called Avon So Soft. DEET melts plastic, I’ll just leave you thinking about that.


Exercising While Travelling

girls love travel

I packed a sports bra so when we moved to Canada for six months I began exercising again. I bought cheap gym trousers from a charity shop and used a downgraded vest top.

  • Sports bra
  • Gym trousers
  • Downgraded vest top
  • Nike trainers (mentioned in travel shoes section)

Bling, Rings, and Other Accessories

women traveler packing list

  • 2 x sunglasses (lose / break / replace)
  • 1 x large scarf (multi-use: cover up, beach towel, create a den around your dorm bed for privacy)
  • 2 x headscarf (hides day 2 hair)
  • Jewellery (leave expensive bling at home, this means engagement / wedding rings – most insurance policies will not pay back the full amount and obviously the sentimental heartbreak of losing them is not worth it)
  • Watch (phone battery won’t always be charged!)
  • Documents wallet
  • Small money purse
  • Handbag? I bought a cheap one in Vancouver as we moved there for 4 months
  • Cloth bag (beachwear / picnics / electronics)
  • Draw string bag (great for putting wet clothes in / or lunch on travel days as it attaches to clips on day bag)

Female Backpacking List – Replenishing Clothes

Female traveler outfit

How do you guys look so suave all the time on the road?! I’d love a blog post about that! Seriously!! – Facebook follower.

Quick answer – we are vain! Craig and I have purchased additional items to meet needs and replenished our clothes when required for the likes of moving to a different climate. I usually shop in charity shops but with the exception of Canada this wasn’t really an option so had to settle for H&M.

Peru (April)

  • 1 x scarf (market)
  • 1 x fake North Face puffy jacket
  • 1 x Peruvian handbag (fell apart by June!)

Canada (September)

  • New brogue shoes (Forever 21)
  • Sunglasses (Forever 21)
  • Denim skirt (Topshop)
  • Dress (Urban Outfitters – birthday)
  • Handbag (pre-loved)
  • Tights (H&M)
  • Socks (H&M)
  • My friend brought over Marks and Spencer knickers and a Topshop dress
  • Splurged on 4 items for $12 CAD / £6 at the Salvation Army
  • New vintage raincoat – sent home (yellow)
  • Ski gloves (should have bought liners too at the hardware store) I’ve now upgraded to Hestra which are really flipping expensive but I did not feel the cold once during our ski week in Austria this year
  • Grey winter hat for snowshoeing (Toronto Kensington Market)
  • Winter hat – Vancouver souvenir…


Packing List for Women Overview

female travel buddy

When we returned home after travelling for 17 months it felt so good piling up the contents of the rucksack and burning them. Jokes! I’m pretty certain the culottes, Salomon shoes, and Marmot raincoat will be going on our next trip to Iceland too. Want more? Check out this crazily extensive packing lists directory!

I hope this packing guide for females has been of use. I have created a pin to accompany this long–term planning list for women.


If you wonder Travel Outfit / Travel OOTD women throughout the world, Check Serentrip site or app. There are 57,125,445,700 of  traveler’s outfit. 




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