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6 Reasons for Solo Travel in Hong Kong (Even solo female travelers)

Back when I was a single female (before Josh came along), I wanted to travel, but it was always?difficult to find others who could travel with me. ?If this is the way you feel…don’t feel stuck…just go it alone! ?Traveling solo?can be a wonderful experience, full of personal growth and introspection.? Some females are a bit wary of traveling solo, and it’s true that some destinations are more challenging to explore as a solo female, but Hong Kong is not one of those places. ?Below are 7 reasons why solo travel in Hong Kong is actually pretty awesome, even for women!


1. Is Solo Travel in Hong Kong Safe?

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Hong Kong is regarded as one of the safest cities in the world.? With low crime rates, well maintained infrastructure & roadways, and well trained police and medical services, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. ?As a?solo female traveler, I never felt scared while moving about the city ? even at night.? But of course, common sense should always be used and trust your instinct.


2. Great Transportation in Hong Kong

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Public transportation in Hong Kong?is fantastic. ?In additional to well maintained sidewalks and even elevated walkways, there are a series of underground trains, above ground trains (countryside), trams, buses, and boats; so you will have no problem getting around. ?I recommend doing your research in advance by reviewing the maps and schedules so that you are well aware of how to get around and how the process works.?The Octopus card is a great option if you plan to make use of?public transportation.? Similar to the Oyster card in London (and many other cities), you can purchase and load the card with funds, then use it throughout the city during your trip.


3. Experience Hong Kong’s Culture & History

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When I travel, I love learning about the culture and history of my destination, especially in an authentic way. ?I was impressed with the Hong Kong tourism board and their website; it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. The website is organized well, and has a ton of information about the different parts of Hong Kong, activities, events, etc. ?So be sure to check it out.?

When I first traveled to Hong Kong, they had a Cultural Kaleidoscope program where I could participate in a number of culture activities…for FREE! ?Some of activities in the?program included:? A?Tea Appreciation Class, Chinese Medicine Class, Chinese Cake Making Class, Cantonese Opera Appreciation Class, Fung Shui class from a Master, and a historic?Chinese Junk Boat ride?in the harbor; all FREE!? I had so much fun taking these classes because they enhanced my experience and I was able to meet and interact with other travelers!


4. Hong Kong Provides A Taste of Asia, but Westernized

hongkong night food with locals

One of the nice things about Hong Kong is the way that it is both Eastern and Western at the same time.? If you haven’t traveled much or feel nervous going to Asia by yourself because of the language barrier, then Hong Kong is a perfect place to visit.? It’s like dipping your toe in Asia, but not completely leaving the Western world.? Because of its British heritage, much of central Hong Kong speaks English and the signs are in English too.? This makes it an easy Asian city to explore.


5. You Won’t be Bored in Hong Kong

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I planned to spend a week in Hong Kong, and I remember my mother telling me that I would be bored; especially because I was by myself.? However, I had the complete opposite experience!? I left the hostel before 6 am every day and didn’t return until late at night; just in time to put my exhausted self to sleep!

I was so busy?visiting museums, attending classes, going on bike rides, cruising the harbor, exploring temples, doing a bit of shopping at the market, venturing out to?rural villages, or taking boat trips out to?outlying islands?that my 7 days were packed! ?And I still didn’t get to see it all! ?Just one of the many reasons for me to return.


6. Hong Kong is paradise of Travelers!

HongKong female travler

Actually, Hong Kong is a small but pretty complex city. But Don’t worries it’s very kind for Travelers.? There is a well-made traffic system. MRT, tram, bus and taxi are all easily accessible. (Some taxi drivers may not speak English), and all things except taxi can be paid by ‘Octopus Card’.?It is also advantageous that you can easily access many kinds of foods because of the huge variety of races living there. Also, young people are very good at English and kind.?


If you need a local friend, do not forget that you can easily find it in Serentrip – Travel Buddy and Locals. There are 150,000,000 traveler’s waiting for you!?


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