Ji-Won’s Winter Seoul Travelogue

serentrip seoul travel.png

Winters in Korea can be harsh, averaging a temperature of -10 to 5 degrees Celsius through the day. Even my native Korean friend would say, “Our winter is the kind of cold that will make you angry!” So, it’s not surprising that most people tend to avoid visiting Korea during the months from December to February.

However, if you still want to make it there during this time, and hate feeling too cold like me, there are many exciting ways to outsmart the freezing temperatures and still have a wonderful time in this gorgeous country. Here are 10 fun things I found on my visit there that you can do to make your first winter in Seoul awesome!

Today, 20’s Korean girl Ji-won will introduce her winter Seoul travel story!



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[Kakao Museum]

serentrip seou

Finally, I arrived in Kakao Museum! Yeah~

It’s good to have such a place in the cold weather!


seoul travel winter

Hi, MUZI!!

Muzi was originally a radish but she or he…. wearing Rabbit clothes!


seoul travel women

Take funny Pictures in Kakao Museum!


seoul trip alone

I want to have all of Character goods…!

But, I bought this one, Apitch Pouch~



See more Kakao Museum pictures >> http://serentrip.net/trip/239910

[Flower Cafe]

female seoul travelfemale seoul trip

Isn’t it beautiful? you can see a lot of flowers even frozen winter!


seoul cafecafe seoul

The atmosphere is very beautiful both inside and outside the cafe.

It was surrounded by real flowers.



seoul trip with localsseoul female travel

Taking picture is all free and you can buy flowers in this cafe. It’s very popular for Korean university students! If you want to travel like a local, visit here!


winter seoul

Do you wonder Christmas in Korea? It also amazing! Korean also waiting for Christmas and enjoy! Couples are dating and some people go to club party. Also can see beautiful illuminations can be seen all over the street.


seoul christmas

Marry Christmas and Happy New year guys!



If you have plan to travel Korea during Christmas, How about meeting Korean local friends ?


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