Walk and Explore Korea with Locals : Airbnb Experience / Serentrip (free)



serentrip airbnb

Airbnb has launched a similar with Serentrip but tollable program called Experience (trip)

Following Forbes, Airbnb is betting big on their Experiences. And it makes sense – travelers want that experience that takes them deeper into a destination. Gives them a taste of a city that’s totally unique, totally tailored to them.

This change of Airbnb happens in Korea as well. Nowadays more than 10 new experiences are launched on Airbnb website including photograph, art, lifestyle experience and so on.


serentrip airbnb2


Airbnb Experience is new way of travel : meet locals, communicate with them and enjoy the city not as the view of tourist but as local. With Experience host, you can feel like meeting old friend just living there.

Unlike other guides programs run by normal travel agent, these experiences are carried out on small-scale group. Host will take care of you more and touch your personal taste and interest more.

Let me explain more with an example of <Walk Daehangno with a Photographer>experience that is also newly launched.



Airbnb Experience Seoul hosts

Host : Sehyeon Justin & Sorim Charlotte

Airbnb hosts have interesting stories for each. Sehyeon Justin and Sorim Charlotte are co-workers still working in same travel company. Sehyeon is amature portrait photographer and Sorim is outgoing and thoughtful person loving to meet foreign friends. Thanks for their job about travel, they could get a lot of information and decide what if they meet more travelers and give them special time with locals – themselves!





Where to explore : Daehangno

The place of experience is related with hosts. In case of Daehangno walking tour, Daehangno is a meaningful place for both of Sehyeon and Sorim. As a photographer, Daehangno is beautiful place for taking photos and photographying the scenery of Daehangno, Sehyeon could be recognized by other photographer by himself. And for Sorim, who has lived in Gangbuk since she was 3 years old, Daehangno is one of her best playground.




Daehangno Scenery

What to do : Walking around Daehangno and enjoy time with good photo

This experience is interesting and smart because if combines both of photography and story of Daehangno. Hosts will walk with guests around Daehangno, take photos together, help guests with photography tips, and share their stories with them.

Wide range of experience by double host is not only interesting and funny but also helpful for understanding the way of thinking of young Koreans.


brochure of Daehangno


Speciality : A Brochure for guests and three portraits by photographer

Especially this Daehangno walking tour give two special presents to guests.

Before starting trip, hosts send a brochure file made by themselves. This brochure is dealing with walking tour and the historical backgrounds and some information about other places that is not included in course but also quiete recommended.

After experience, photographer Sehyeon will choose and edit 3 of best portraits of each guests and send them to guests.


serentrip airbnb2

Example : Walk Daehangno with Photographer
Price : 50,000won ~





Like this case, Airbnb Experience offers the meeting with Korean locals just like Serentrip. But in Airbnb people should pay normally from 50,000 won to 150,000 won for this experience.

If you don’t need any special plan or expertise, then free application ‘Serentrip’ that’s for finding travel buddies and meeting locals is also good way to try.



















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